Comchip Technology Corporation is the leader in design and manufacture of SMD Diodes. From rectangular small signal switching, low drop-down schottky barrier, zener, rectifiers to custom-made high voltage or low VF rectifiers, Comchip has the right diode for your application. Comchip Technology is the first manufacturer to standardize LEAD-FREE and LEAD-LESS diode packaging in SOD-523F and SOD-323F sizes. Comchip's diodes are ideal for personal computers, digital cameras, PDAs, pagers, wireless, networking and portable devices.


  • Halogen Free Products - Diodes, Transistors,
    TVS, MOSFET, Rectifiers
  • Switching Diodes - Small Signal, Array, SMD
  • Schottky Diodes - Small Signal, Barrier
    Rectifiers, Low VF, Schottky Barrier
  • Rectifiers - General Purpose, Fast Recovery,
    Ultra Fast Recovery, Super Fast Recovery, Efficient Fast Recovery, Bridge
  • Zener Diodes
  • ESD Diodes - Suppresor, Array
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes - TVS, Axial
    Lead, Array
  • Transistors - General Purpose, Small Signal