Total Quality Management

World-class global electronic parts distribution begins with a commitment to delivering an unmatched level of quality control and inspection programs designed to ensure that the right product is delivered accurately in each and every transaction. While others follow, Micro-Found continues to lead the way in developing and implementing quality control programs designed to protect clients from substandard or counterfeit parts.

Micro-Found's rigorous quality inspection process, trusted vendor management programs, and scheduled spot quality control has enabled us to stay at the forefront of global electronic parts distribution. By meticulously examining products for inconsistencies or discrepancies with our industry leading TQM inspection process, we are able to keep substandard or imitation parts from ever reaching the market and virtually eliminating risk.

Micro-Found's quality management program allows safeguards to be in place throughout the entire supply and demand chain at our global electronic parts distribution service centers around the world.

Please review the follow documents for more information:

Micro-Found Quality Assurance Agreement

Micro-Found Terms and Conditions