Taiwan Semiconductor is a leading global manufacturer of discrete semiconductor devices including Analog ICs, Power Transistors and MosFETs. TSC is aligned with the Automotive Industry requirements in accordance with current standards such as TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Products from Taiwan Semiconductor find usage in a vast array of applications in the electronics industry, including automotive, computer, consumer, industrial, telecom and photovoltaic. Through the strategic expansion of innovative manufacturing capabilities and its focus on pioneering efficient semiconductor solutions, Taiwan Semiconductor offers maximum flexibility including customer specific requirements, quality, and performance for your application.


Power Management ICs

  • Linear Voltage Regulator
  • Switching Regulator
  • Voltage Reference
  • Amplifier & Comparator
  • Analog IC

Discrete Devices

  • Diode
  • ESD Protection Diode & Array
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • IGBT
  • DIAC & Thyristor