Micro-Found testing services include a secure network of certified third party laboratories/facilities supporting our comprehensive distribution network. This extensive network provides expert product testing for incoming products to ensure risk-free engagements for our customers every time. Product testing is done to identify any substandard material and to verify that all manufacturers’ specifications are met. Product samples are also randomly selected and periodically tested to ensure product consistency and to document spot quality control.

Our testing equipment is state-of-the-art and our inspectors have the training and technical expertise that compliments our comprehensive suite of value added services.

Micro-Found’s quality testing program includes:

  • Electrostatic discharge gear
  • Microscopes enhanced with digital cameras
  • Digital cameras and other recording equipment
  • Vacuum pens
  • Tape and reel counters
  • Weight scales
  • Vacuum sealers w/desiccant and humidity cards
  • Magnifying glass w/light
  • Secured internal documention:
  • Baking ovens
  • Decapsulation machine
  • X-ray inspection machine